Spanish Speaking Countries Fun Interactive Resources

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While teaching my students about Spanish speaking countries, I noticed that some students struggled with the geography part of the lesson. Some needed help remembering the names of the countries. I wanted to find a fun way to help, so I set out to find fun interactive resources I could use with my students.

I found some really neat resources.

Resource 1: Spanish Speaking Countries Setera Online Map Quiz Game.

My students had a ball playing this game and trying to beat each other's time score.

Resource 2: Spanish Speaking Countries Mapas Interactivos.

This interactive map allows students two options study or quiz mode.

Resource 3: Purpose Games Spanish Speaking Countries Online Interactive Map. Students are be able to see their score and keep track of remaining attempts.

I also wanted a fun way for students to remember and practice saying the names of the countries in Spanish. I found two catchy videos on YouTube.

Video 1: Rock The Countries-Central America. The Video includes the countries and capitals of Central America and the Caribbean.

Video 2: Rock The Countries-South America. The Video includes the countries and capitals of South America.

Video 3: The Central America Geography Song by Rocking the World. They also have some free activities to go with the video. The activities include maps, song lyrics, and a cloze activity. You can download the free activities here>>

Bonus resource: The Taste Atlas website, is a world atlas of food and drinks, an encyclopedia of flavors. You can select a country and see what foods are popular in that region. This is great for culture enrichment and research projects.

I want to hear from you which resource did you find the most useful?

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