How to Create Self-Grading Quizzes with Google Forms

You can save time grading with Google forms. You can create, send, and grade quizzes with Google Forms. Some question types automatically award points based on the correct answer. You can create multiple choice, checkboxes, dropdown, and short answer.  Watch my Facebook Live replay to see step by step how to create your own self-grading quizzes with Google Forms.

If you like the tutorial check out the Full Course on How to Create Self-Grading Quizzes.

  • In course I cover 4 different Free and Easy to use tools to create Self-Grading Quizzes.

  • Learn about my Favorite free tool that allows you to grade instantly, grade fill in the blank questions, add video and audio, and turn any PDF into a quiz.

  • In addition, learn how you can improve student tests scores with easy to use data analytics.

  • Lastly, I will show you how to Gamify your quizzes so students don't even realize they are being quizzed.

    Imagine being able to grade quizzes in minutes instead of hours. It is possible to Take you Weekend Back!

Can't wait to hear how you will be spending your weekends with your new found time! :)


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